Here’s a little essay I wrote that’s been published over at the new Macrina Magazine, as part of their first issue on Embodiment.

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Everything is Interesting: The Body as Bearer of the Truth

In his slim and punchy little book, Acedia and its Discontents: Metaphysics of Desire in an Age of Boredom1 R.J. Snell suggests that the common experience of the loss of meaning in the modern world can be attributed to the vice of acedia. Relying on Evagrius of Pontus, as well as the Angelic Doctor, St Thomas Aquinas, Snell defines acedia as a rejection of life itself and an antipathy with one’s place in the world. It is the unhappy rejection of one’s supernatural end, union with the Triune God.

As Snell describes it, contemporary people experience a reality that has ceased to have any meaning beyond its usefulness to human persons, and as such things in themselves, including the body, are viewed and understood merely as things, brought together by power or coincidence.

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