Gospel Matthew 6:24-34

So do not worry about tomorrow: tomorrow will take care of itself

On a superficial reading, these words seem to convey a wonderful sense of assurance and security. We have no need to worry about the things that we need – God will provide. Once we get past this initial reading, and look to how it might impact on the day to day realities of our lives, we find that such sentiments actually call for something rather radical. And it is here where we get to be a little uncomfortable with the demands of the Gospel.

What would it actually be like if we took this seriously? If we really surrendered ourselves to the providence of God?

While it may well be fair to say that Jesus is not asking us to be reckless or frivolous, there is a certain freedom to which He calls us here, that is mutually exclusive with a life of selfish accumulation and consumption, as well as self-centred concern. The freedom for which Christ has set us free is a freedom to be what he has created us to be – holy.

So often, we allow ourselves to get caught up in frenetic activity. Our daily ‘to-do’ lists extend to  phenomenal lengths, and we fall into a trap of thinking that we somehow need to earn our existence, or earn the love of God, or simply rely solely on ourselves.

Instead, we might perhaps think about the fundamental posture of the Christian as being one of receptivity. Not a receptivity that is passive or weak, but a courageous and active receptivity – a receptivity that is ontologically prior to any activity on our part.

In this we imitate Mary, the mother of Jesus, whose act of receptivity (fiat) was not passive or weak, but courageous and active.

Let us pray this week for the courage to receive the gift which God gives us.