“Opinion of him spread throughout Judaea and all over the countryside”

    One of the most fascinating elements of the whole Jesus story is that it continues to find perpetuate. Generation after generation, the experience of Jesus continues to inspire interest.
    In his own time, as we read in the Gospel today, Jesus’ actions, the words he spoke, and his mere presence became a significant talking point for all manner of people everywhere. His was a figure that demanded a response – he could not be ignored.
    Mysteriously, Jesus continues to present himself to us today. His is a presence that manifests itself most significantly in the lives of believers who have encountered him really and truly, not only through the verbal testimony of others, but through the actions of lives conformed to him – the living and visible presence of Jesus’ body, the Church.
    The event of the Incarnation, of God taking on human flesh in the person of Jesus, happened concretely, at a point in time, when the angel appeared to Mary. Nevertheless, the Incarnation continues to happen in another sense today. As I open up as Mary did, to receive the Divine life within me, and bring it to bear on the life that I live. It is here that I become a conduit for others to encounter the person of Jesus. It is here that Christian faith becomes an event, an event that takes flesh in the world today. It is not simply a wonderful, pious idea or a moral code of ethics, but an encounter with a person, who becomes incarnate, (takes on flesh) in words and actions of love.

    The Christian faith then rises and falls on the openness of frail individuals, who live in that encounter with Jesus, and share it in word and deed with those around them.

Words to Ponder
“Christ. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life who reaches the person in his daily existence. The discovery of this way usually takes place through the mediation of other human beings. Identified through the gift of faith by the encounter with the Redeemer, believers are called to become an echo of the event of Christ, to become themselves an “event”.”
– John Paul II