Gospel Mk 1:12-15

“Repent, and believe the Good News.”
As we begin our Lenten journey the Church reminds us of this episode immediately after Jesus’ baptism by John. Jesus was driven out into the desert and Mark, master of pith that he is, seemingly has very little to say about it.
He went out, stayed there for 40 days, was tempted by Satan, was with the wild beasts, and the angels looked after him.
We do not hear about the gruelling nature of his 40 day venture into the wilderness, which no doubt would have been incredibly difficult physically. Nor do we hear of the nature of the temptations which he suffered.
We do know however, that upon returning to from his 40 days in the wilderness, Jesus was incredibly bold in taking up from where John the Baptist had left off in preaching repentance.
Like Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness, this 40 day period of lent is a tough one for those of us who choose to enter into it. We are often tried physically and spiritually, just as Jesus was.
For us, as for Jesus, this time of trial which paradoxically has the potential to really bolster our resolve, give us a fresh perspective and to strengthen our own capacity for self-mastery.
More than this though, it is an opportunity for us to think of ourselves less and grow in our relationship with the God, creator of all.

This is the good news that he invited us to believe in.

Point to Ponder
Jesus came to proclaim the ‘Good News.’ Do I trust that his news is truly good?
Lent is a time where the Church traditionally encourages us to engage in three practices
1)    Increased prayer
2)    Almsgiving
3)    Fasting
How can I incorporate these into my daily life this lent?