“The man went away, but then started talking about it freely and telling the story everywhere”
More than a mere physical healing, this leper’s encounter with Jesus was something that drastically altered his life forever, so much so that he could not contain it.
He’d obviously heard of Jesus and the fact that he was able to heal people and so he set out to approach him with a heart full of trust.
As an outcast in his society, he was obviously careful to keep a safe distance from others due to the taboos which surrounded him and the horrible skin condition which afflicted him, however there was something in the person of Jesus that drew him in, that made him feel safe enough to approach and beg him for healing.
And Jesus, without entering into a long discourse or any such thing, was moved with pity and reached out to touching the man, healing him of this horrible and, at that time incurable skin disease.
What strikes us here is the heart of Jesus which was so overwhelmed with love for his fellow man. Jesus’ expression of pure love is not an impersonal, pious well-wishing. No. His earnest desire is for this leper’s well-being and as such he is moved to reach out and touch this man, whose skin condition makes him ‘untouchable.’ Nothing will stop Jesus reaching out to heal one who asks it of him with trust like this.

And for he that experienced this encounter, life was changed forever.

Point to Ponder
Do I believe that Jesus can heal my leprosy of inner turmoil and sin?
Those inner wounds and those burdens of sin are very much like this poor man’s leprosy, holding me back from true communion with God and with others, binding that true and lasting freedom to which Jesus calls us.
Am I confident in approaching Jesus and asking him for his healing mercy?

This lent, can I approach the Lord and ask for his healing in those areas of my life where I truly need it?