Gospel Mk 1:29-39 

“He took her by the hand and helped her up”
An interesting thing to note here is the simple actions of this man. We’ve been following him for the last few weeks in the early days of his public ministry.
He’s now in Capernaum, he’s left behind his home in Nazareth and has begun his work as an itinerant preacher and miracle worker.
One of the things which is so evident in the Gospel stories is the focus on this focus on time and place. We are constantly reminded that these events are not fictional stories occurring in fictitious places. The historical fact of this man’s existence is something that had an impact on the Gospel writers, and requires a response of us.
His actions, and more simply his very person, are truly astonishing.
This particular Sabbath day Jesus returns from the Synagogue with his friends. We note that the first thing that they do is inform him of the illness which is afflicting Simon’s mother-in-law.
It is obvious that these blokes have witnessed things already that tell them that Jesus is able to do something in this situation.
I’m reminded here of how a child will show to his or her mother a scratch or a bump or a grazed knee, and expect that the attention shown will somehow make this situation better.

For the disciples this trust and expectation is indeed well founded. We are told simply that ‘He took her by the hand and helped her up.’ 

Questioning words
Do I take my cares and concerns to Jesus with an expectant heart?
Am I trusting of his ability to work in and through every circumstance of my life?