Gospel Jn 1:35-42

It was about the tenth hour…
It’s difficult to imagine a more human, a more earthy, a more mundane beginning to something that was to so profoundly alter the lives of these two men, let along the history of the world.
It was about the tenth hour (about 3pm by our reckoning, as the people of his day counted the hours from sunrise).
That was the time when they saw Jesus passing by and, immediately attracted to this bloke they followed after him. His reaction was not to stop and preach at them, and demand reverence. No.
Instead he asked them simply “What do you want?”a question that is addressed today to each of us. What is it that we want? What is it that we really want? What do we desire in the depths of our being?
When this was addressed to John and Andrew they had little to say – but it was obvious that they wanted to know more about this person who stood before them. “Where do you live?” they asked, to which the reply came simply, “come and see.”
Jesus’ invitation was to have such an impact on these men that years later, when he felt the need to write all these things down John remembered the specific time of the day when it occurred. ‘About the tenth hour’ was when his life was dramatically changed.

That invitation to come and see, which Christ directed to John and to Andrew is directed at  each and every one of us as well. How will I respond?

Questioning Words
Has there been a comparable moment of meeting in my own life? With another person? With God? With Jesus?
Do I remember it?
Did I tell other people about it?
How do I respond to these meetings which happen every day?