Gospel Mt 25:31-34
More than mere social justice
Today’s Gospel has Jesus prophesying how things will be in the end times when he returns in glory. Jesus goes on to liken himself to the person who is hungry, thirsty, the person who is a stranger, who is naked, sick or imprisoned. Whenever such people are ignored or worse exploited, it is as though we are ignoring or exploiting Christ himself. Conversely, any act of charity directed to these unfortunate ones is treated as though it was done directly to him.
What Christ is asking of us is more than a well meaning philanthropy, as praiseworthy as that may be. What he is calling to us to is not merely a warm and fuzzy recommendation that we ‘be nice.’ Nor is it even a gritty social justice which would see us sleeves rolled up, getting our hands dirty helping those who are less fortunate that ourselves. Sure, those things are good in and of themselves, but he is calling us to more than that. He is calling us to be motivated in all things by the very love of God.

Ask yourself…
What can I do to show love for the less fortunate in my own community?
During the coming season of Advent how can I enact the mercy of God to those around me?