Gospel Mt 16:21-27

Finding the Courage

Today’s Gospel has some really practical advice for us all, advice that we often need to be reminded of. Jesus clearly here is instructing his disciples of the best way to deal with grievances that occur within the community.
It is clear and direct. His advice is not to brood over past hurts, or current activities that might be causing us anger or anxiety. Instead, he directs us, to go to the one who is acting wrongly and speak to him or her about it. Jesus’ advice here is pertinent particularly to those of us who shy away from any situation where there may be conflict.
For those of us who do often seek to avoid confrontation, there is a tendency to not address such issues. In fact, we might find such occurrences to be occasions of sin, as we express our frustrations in less that desirable ways such as outbursts of anger, gossip or detraction. In such cases Jesus’ words are fact words which will bring a much deeper peace than can be achieved by avoiding such confrontation.
In such times we remember that we can pray for the courage to deal appropriately with those issues which may be causing us anxiety.

Questioning Words
What are some situations in my life right now where I need to courageously step out an address issues that concern me?