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Gospel Mt 16:13-20
Who do YOU say I am?
Sometimes we stumble across a gospel passage which is hits us really hard. Today’s gospel is one such instance. Here we have Jesus asking what is seemingly a simple question: ‘Who do people say the Son of Man is?’ The disciples seem pretty happy to answer such a question, pointing out the many and varied accounts that were circulating at the time.
Jesus then directs the question to the disciples asking, ‘But you, who do you say I am?’ What is interesting here is that, at this point in the story, the disciples fall silent. This is a crucial question for them all, as it is for us today. The answer that we provide will have serious consequences for how my life is lived from here on out.
Like the disciples, I am happy to recount other people’s theories about his identity, but am nervous when asked to reveal my own position on this. Jesus makes a claim unlike any other in history, and there is a wealth of evidence to support such a claim. Am I willing to accept that? Am I open to the claim that such a response will make on my life?
Will I be like Peter, the gutsy one who rushes in with a response, seemingly thoughtless about the demands such a response will place upon him. Or will I nervously hold back, unwilling to commit with a response?

Questioning Words
Who do I say that Jesus is?
What does my answer mean for me in my life right now?